Episode 6 | Gazibow

Winter weddings and all their awesomeness. 

Listener horror stories.

Listener questions:

  1. Amy on Facebook - At my wedding the videographers just shot over the photographers, is that normal?

  2. Tamdam on Instagram - What's the difference between and assistant and 2nd photographer?

  3. JMatthews on Instagram - I want to find an outdoor ceremony space what should I look for?

Couple only wants Bitcoin for their wedding: https://qz.com/1151105/this-indian-couple-is-asking-for-only-one-gift-at-their-wedding-bitcoin/

Matt Lauer's dumb sweater: http://www.tmz.com/2017/12/06/matt-lauer-deli-long-island-hamptons-sexual-harassment-fired/

Jessie Clewell